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Gorilla Tag
  • Developer: Another Axiom
  • Genre: Action, Casual
  • Version: 1.1.45
User Rating: Rating 4.61

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Release Date
Feb 12, 2021
Another Axiom
Another Axiom
Action, Casual
Windows, Oculus Quest


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Roar, Run & Win: Play Gorilla Tag for Free on Windows PC

Logan Evans

The Gorilla Tag game introduces an innovative style of gameplay that brings the player into the immersive world of virtual reality. A standout amongst VR games, Gorilla Tag offers a thrilling experience by incorporating a gorilla's movement physics into its play. Unlike other virtual reality games that use conventional movement controllers, Gorilla Tag immerses the player in the game by predicating movement on mimicking a gorilla's manner of locomotion. This exciting hands-on approach sets Gorilla Tag apart as a game that pushes the boundaries of VR.

You only need to Gorilla Tag download to test your survival instincts in a jungle where every player is a gorilla, and the tag game is intense. The use of realistic physics to replicate a gorilla's movements gives you a one-of-a-kind gaming journey. The game does not feature typical scorekeeping; instead, the primary goal is to avoid being 'it'. In essence, the fun of the game is in the chase.

The Intricacies of Gorilla Tag's Storyline

While Gorilla Tag might not have a traditional storyline, the game's concept presents a captivating narrative. What made Gorilla Tag for free a sensation is how it re-invents a game we all know and love and introduces it in a refreshing and wild experience. Gorilla Tag gives its players a unique experience - a chance to be a gorilla in a virtually simulated forest, taking part in a thrilling game of tag. This Gorilla Tag on PC lacks cut scenes or told tales - every narrative in the game arises from the players' experiences.

As you engage with the Gorilla Tag free to download for PC, you will experience every jump, every swing, and every tree climb. You are not only an observer of the action, but also a participant chased by others or being the chaser. That is the essence of Gorilla Tag's storyline, a plot written by players' actions.

Graphics – Simulated Jungle Reality

The Gorilla Tag on computer displays a relatively simple graphic interface, perfectly serving the game's purpose. Its environment, represented by a stylized, quasi-cartoonish rainforest, is a fantastic playground for your primate avatar. The play areas include numerous obstacles that add to the thrilling nature of the game.

The Gorilla Tag free-to-play aesthetic is bound to attract anyone looking for an amusing and uncomplicated VR game. Its graphics are not gratuitously meticulous, which is one of the game's strengths, allowing players to focus on the fun-filled, fast-paced action at hand.

Echoes of the Jungle – The Soundtracks

After you Gorilla Tag download for free, equip your VR headset and prepare to be enveloped by the jungle's ambient sound. As you move through the treetops and along the forest floor, the audio design enhances the immersion, making you feel like you're genuinely engaging in a gorilla tag in the middle of a tropical rainforest.

The gameplay features realistic sounds that accommodate the on-screen action. From the rustling leaves as you swing from tree to tree to the footsteps echoing in the distance, every sound is designed to take you deeper into the immersive Gorilla Tag on PC for free world.

Intuitive Controls – Captivating Movements

The most unique element in Gorilla Tag, besides its concept, is the control scheme. The developers have truly mastered how to control a virtual gorilla's movements. It's quite fascinating. The Gorilla Tag download for Windows 10 uses a physics-based locomotion system designed to mimic a gorilla’s movements. There are no thumbsticks or teleportation, just the movement of your hands, reflecting how a real gorilla would swing its arms to move around.

The controls are more than just a novelty. They are intuitive and responsive, adding to the immersion that the Gorilla Tag for PC download offers and taking the gaming experience to whole new level.

Final Thoughts

The Gorilla Tag VR game excels in creating an authentic, intense, and fun-filled game-play environment. Its originality in combining traditional tag game and primate movements, its interactive and intuitive controls, and immersive sound and visual elements make it a notable addition to the VR gaming world.

Overall, this Gorilla Tag online is not just about gaming. It is about camaraderie, active movements, and making childhood games come back in a new and exciting format. It's about breaking away from traditional gaming conventions and embracing the wild side of virtual reality. That’s why Gorilla Tag is more than just a game — it’s an experience.


  • Exciting VR gaming experience with Gorilla Tag.
  • Engaging multiplayer mode for added fun.
  • Smooth movement controls for seamless gameplay.
  • Unique concept sets it apart.
  • Great way to stay active.


  • Limited number of maps available.
  • May require a powerful VR setup.

Your Guide to Gorilla Tag: FAQ Edition!

  • What makes Gorilla Tag so unique and exciting?

    Gorilla Tag is an immersive VR tag game that uses mechanics like climbing and jumping to maneuver around the game's environment. The game is a delightful blend of the chaotic energy of tag games and the exciting world of virtual reality. It brings you the simplicity of a childhood game while embracing the complexities of modern gaming, blending them into a unique experience.

  • How does one obtain Gorilla Tag without any payment?

    To understand how you might get Gorilla Tag for free, you first need to know a bit about the game. Gorilla Tag is not a typical paid video game. The base game is free to download and play, but there are in-game purchases for customization such as different gorilla colors and other aesthetic enhancements. However, you can get a fulfilling gaming experience without ever spending a dime.

  • Can you elaborate on the system requirements needed to play Gorilla Tag effectively?

    To play Gorilla Tag on PC, you'll need to have a system that not only meets but ideally exceeds the minimum requirements. A high-end graphics card and processor are crucial for a smooth and immersive VR experience. You'll also need a VR headset, such as the Oculus Rift or HTC Vive. Additionally, you'll want a good amount of space in your play area for all the jumping, ducking and maneuvering the game requires.

  • In case someone wants to play it offline, how can they download Gorilla Tag?

    The process to download Gorilla Tag is quite straightforward. You'd just need to find the game on our website or in your favorite VR game store that supports your VR headset. Once you find it, you simply hit the "Download" button and, once the download is complete, you can start playing. Just remember that you'll need a reliable internet connection for the download process.

  • How can one enjoy Gorilla Tag without any additional costs?

    Anyone aspiring to play free Gorilla Tag should know that the base game itself is free to play. Although the game has microtransactions for various customizable items, these are by no means necessary to enjoy the game. By taking advantage of the inherent fun of the game - the chasing, the evasion, the adrenaline rush - it's easily possible to enjoy this game without incurring any additional costs. The joy of Gorilla Tag lies in its gameplay rather than its aesthetics.

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